Student Government Association Passes Parking Resolution

Student Senate Calls on Frostburg State Administration to Review and Address Campus Parking Poilcies, Facilities

The Student Government Association at Frostburg State University passed a resolution at the governing body’s Nov. 3 meeting which publicly calls upon the university administration to review current student parking policies and availability. SGA President Nicholas DeMichele, as well as Senator Shantoya Sutherland, sponsored the document.

The resolution cites the “loss of the College Avenue parking lot” as a principal area of concern. The loss of this facility was covered in the Oct. 19 edition of The Bottom Line, in which reporters conducted a survey of parking facilities and corresponding campus populations.

The resolution, which can be viewed in it’s enirely online, outlines four primary ares of concern: student parking availability; “ambiguous” parking enforcement; evening parking policies; and the campus shuttle route as it pertains to student parking.

SGA President DeMichele notes the senate’s desire for increased discussion on campus parking, noting, “this is [an issue] we’ve been speaking with the administration about since the beginning of the semester. There are things we’d all like to see happen, but this is a way for students to outline our concerns and requests formally – and in a transparent way so that students know that yes, we’ve heard you and yes, we’re working on it.”

The document, now offically passed, formally requests that the administration address the resolution “in a timely fashion.” It also calls on the administration to consult the student senate “in these and future policy alterations.”

Senate Resolution 04-2016, calling on the university administration to address campus parking (SGA).
Senate Resolution 04-2016, calling on the university administration to address campus parking (SGA).
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