Student Ideas and Involvement Give Event New Life

Late at Lane is a relatively new program at Frostburg State University, but one with a promising future. As agreed upon by the Student Government Association, next semester Late at Lane programs will continue to be provided once a month. Lane at Lane is way to encourage safe and fun behavior within the student body of Frostburg State University.

Late at Lane student employee, Whitley Burns, called Late at Lane, “a new movement to change the weekend culture of our campus and to create a safer environment for our students”. With this goal in mind, the people behind Late at Lane are trying to create fun programs that students want to attend. There is an openness to the program, as they try to be as receptive to student input as possible.

Amy Fynes, Assistant Director of the Office of Student Activites, said, “We really try to plan around what students are asking for.” There will be an open meeting in April, which students can then attend and make suggestions or give feedback.

Entertainment Coordinator of the student production team, Taylor Williams stated, “Late at Lane is growing with each event.” New and creative themes are the foundation of the future of Late at Lane. Anyone with looking to get involved in this event should contact Amy Fynes and keep an eye out for more information about the open meeting in April.

Getting involved in Late at Lane can be a very rewarding experience, according to Burns and Williams. It gives students the opportunity to gain experience working a real event. Williams said, “It offers experience working with entertainment and gaining professional relationships.”

Burns agreed with this idea, stating, “I have met some great performers. I have gotten to meet and work with some of the best people. I have really learned event planning”.

Both Burns and Williams attended conferences to help them learn the ways of event planning. The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) had its NACA Mid Atlantic in Buffalo, New York and its NACA Nationals in Boston, Massachusetts. Frostburg State University sent students to these events to help them to learn about different topics that could benefit their event and their staff. These conferences also allowed for the opportunity to communicate with other surrounding schools about their programs.

With this new knowledge, the future of Late at Lane is as propitious as ever. Burns stated, “We finally have a grasp on what Frostburg State Universtiy students really like and want. We have so many great, new ideas that I cannot wait to see come alive.”

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