Student Responses Needed for NSSE Survey

Frostburg State University’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Research is currently collecting responses for the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), seeking input from FSU freshman and seniors concerning their time at Frostburg State.

University officials are inviting students to participate, emailing student accounts with the survey link. Emails and reminders will be sent out until March 28.

The survey takes a random sample of both freshman and seniors to gage student participation on campus, using the nationally-benchmarked results to compare Frostburg to peer institutions. A significant response rate is required to gain an accurate representation of the campus.

Student participation in this survey could help provide input to improve campus operations, measuring the supportive environment of the campus as well as extra-curricular opportunities.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and provides much needed input to help improve Frostburg State University. University officials request that all students asked to participate do so in a timely fashion.

For more information on the NSSE, visit their Q&A page.

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