Student Talent Spotlight: Delron Glave

On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, on the Loft Stage of the Lane Center, Frostburg State University’s Creative Minds held an open mic night event which featured student artists performing covers as well as original pieces. One of these student artists was junior Delron Glave, a rapper and Mass Communications major from Prince George’s County, M.d. Full of charisma and charm on-stage and holding a genuine appreciation for his and other’s forms of art, Glave performed three original songs before sitting down for an interview with The Bottom Line:

TBL: What is your stage name?

Glave: Kuzan Ice

TBL: How did you come up with that as a name?

Glave: I came up with it after going through a lot of names. I wanted something that was easy to say and just flowed so first I started calling myself Kuzan and I added the ice after one show when someone shouted, “man he ICEY!” talking about the gold chain I wore.

TBL: Tell me about the organization that held the event tonight.

Glave: The organization is Creative Minds. It’s a new group on Frostburg’s campus which is designed to display the student body’s talent. That open mic was only the beginning. We have a bunch of other ideas coming so stay tuned.

TBL: What is your role in Creative Minds?

Glave: My role in Creative Minds is just a loyal member and performer for the group.

TBL: How long have you been rapping?

Glave: I’ve been rapping since I was 15. It was my second year in high school and a buddy of mine got me into it and taught me a lot about it.

TBL: Who is your target audience?

Glave: I guess my target audience would be 17-28 years old. My music is more for the younger generation but I want to broaden my field.

TBL: What do you hope to achieve with music?

Glave: One day I hope to make a career off of this. Of course everyone in this business has their Plan B and I have mine too, but I would love my Plan A to work and make it in the music industry.

TBL: What is your favorite of your own songs?

Glave: One of my favorite songs I’ve made is a song called “Can Goods.” It’s an old song I made but the lyrics talk about my life and express how I feel about a lot of topics.

TBL: What is your newest song?

Glave: My newest song is called “Lost in Translation” which is about ignoring negative people and doing you.

TBL: Which rappers or other artists are your inspirations or who would you compare yourself to?

Glave: I would say my inspiration would be MF Doom, Chris Travis, Common, Da$h, Jadakiss. I don’t like to compare people to me because I feel like style var[ies].

TBL: Do you have any more events of shows like this one coming up?

Glave: I believe Fame is putting up an open mic next, but as for Creative Minds, I don’t know.

TBL: Anything else you’d like to add?

Glave: I just want to thank the Frostburg community as a whole. It’s a loving community that supports you like a big hug. And thanks to everyone who came out to the open mic. This isn’t the last you have heard of Kuzan Ice.

You can support and follow Kuzan Ice on Instagram: @donkuzan, SoundCloud: Kuzan, and Twitter: @elder_moth

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