Students Can Wear the World with Serengetee

Serengetee is a clothing company that brings awareness to different causes such as health awareness, poverty, disaster relief, and more. The idea of  Serengetee came about from three college students, Jeff Steitz (CEO), Ryan Westberg (Marketing Director), and Nate Holteran (Cause Advisor) when they traveling the world on a Semester at Sea, a study abroad program.

After studying abroad the three students decided to create this company to connect people to the globe through fabric, while giving back to the communities that inspired the products. The students launched the project in spring of 2012. Serengetee is about wearing the world, changing the world, and selling clothes. The students have created a fast growing company with more than $123,543 in donations since 2012.

Founder and CEO Jeff Steitz named the company Serengetee after the Serengeti desert in Africa. However, the company features American-made T-shirts, tank tops, and racer-back shirts, all with pockets sewn on the front. Of  the total amount of each purchase, 5% goes back to charity. Currently the clothing company supports 32 causes. Each cause has a specific color and pattern. The specific color and pattern shown in the picture that Brittany Alvarez, an on campus representative of Serengetee, is wearing is called Posey Paradise 2.0. The pattern is associated with the leukemia and lymphoma society. “Students can support a good cause and look good at the same time. They can wear the world,” said Brittany Alavrez.

Each cause has a different pattern such as abstract, animal prints, dots, floral, native, tribal, preppy, and stripes. Students and anyone interested can purchase different products such as pocket tees, outerwear, bags, shorts, pants, and more with the patterns on them. Clothing prices range from 22 to 30 dollars. After buying an item, a customer can expect the product to arrive in 3-5 days after shipping.

Serengetee has regional operations in Australia, North America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific. People around the world are making a change by buying clothing from this company. In the North America, some organizations Serengetee helps with are Feed My Starving Children, Soles4Souls, Intrepid Fallon Heroes Fund, Whole Planet Fund, and Pacific Wild. Celebrities such as Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf and others are taking part in making a change by supporting Seregetee.

By promoting or buy products, students can continue to bring awareness to causes that sometimes may be overlooked. Some months are designated for different causes, but why not support a cause each day by wearing clothing from Seregentee? The next time you are looking to buy some new clothes, check out and support a cause.  The more you buy, the quicker change can start to happen.

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