Sustainability Awareness Society Holds Science March on Campus

Bobcats March for Science

On Thursday, April 20, the Sustainability Awareness Society (SAS) held an on-campus march to support scientific research, questioning, and empirical data.

Organizers Mikayla Spencer and Katherine Bickerstaff said that the march had a great turn out, and that after countless hours of teamwork and effort to make this event happen, they were happy so many people showed up. Spencer said, “It was great that we were able to convince people that they could make a difference in the world just starting here on campus.”

The group met at the clock tower at 3 p.m. to get organized, and it had great attendance.  There were about 65 people on-time meeting at the clock tower.  The group included students, professors, and public officials.  Dr. Phillip Allen, Professor Tianna Bogart, and Tracy Edwards were in attendance, as well as Commissioner of Public Works, Woody Getz.

The event started with Spencer inviting Dr. Jonathan Flood from the geography department to speak about what science means to himself and what it meant to everyone in the crowd.  Upon asking the question, “What does science  mean to you?” he received answers such as asking questions, being curious, and so much more.

Group photo after the march in support of science. (TBL/Nicole Leighty)
Group photo after the march in support of science. (TBL/Nicole Leighty)

After brief comments from Dr. Flood, the march began with a cadence from the marching band drum line and started towards the Performing Arts Center (PAC).  The march went in between PAC and Pullen Hall, through the upper quad, and back down the Compton Science Center stairs to end at the clock tower.  As the crowd was marching, people started joining the group as it passed.  Each student had a sign, in which all of the signs varied in what they said.

Once the march was over, the group got together to take a group photo and to take photos with each other.  Ben Oelke, a member of SAS said, “Our biosphere needs a change, and that change starts with science,” after being asked why he participated in the march.  Dr. Allen also added, “It was great to see students voicing their opinions.”

The march held on-campus was for those who could not make it to Washington D.C where a larger nationwide version of the march was being held on April 22.

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