Taking an Extensive View of the CCIT

Two years ago, development for a new eccentric building for the Frostburg State University campus began.  Many students were inquisitive about the progress, and specifically what the building would be all about. Others were simply tired of having to walk through all the debris of the construction. “I can walk through a nice building now to go to and from class,” Chenoa Zais, a senior said.

At the start of the new semester, the building was open to campus.  A few minor details were still in the process of being completed, but the building itself was ready for the students to explore.  As a whole, the building has four floors and several computer labs, studios and break/study rooms.  There is a beautiful garden for display on the roof.  It also has places where students can relax and charge their phones at the same time, water fountains on every floor, and several different trash bins encouraging students to recycle. “It’s big and very clean,” Zachary Beck a senior, says. “It looks so technological. In class, when the projector turns on, the class automatically darkens, which I think is very cool.” With all these developed features, the building lived up to its expectations of pleasing the students and was well worth the wait.CCIT Sieating

The building is entitled “The Center for Communication and Information Technology,” CCIT for short. According to the FSU website, the building is responsible for providing students “with modern facilities that will greatly enhance their ability to learn and thrive in FSU’s most technology-intensive disciplines.”  Home to the all-new center for the Mass Communication/Communication studies department, as well as the computer science and mathematics department, the building offers several new ways for students to ease into their major and have hands on experiences with objects in their field.

Each floor is catered to the three departments Mass Communication/Communication studies, Computer Science and Mathematics.  The first floor is centered towards the Computer Science department.  It includes several different computer labs for students, as well as an IT center that helps students with technological difficulties on campus.

Sciencey pics“The whole department manages all of the campus computers in general,” Christopher Wells said. “It’s essential for the help desk to be here to help people with their technology.”  The department provides service with “virus removal, internet connectivity, and support for staff with their software problems.”  Daniel Weller, a senior and staff member of the department says “It’s a lot of fun working here.  You have to help people solve their problems.”  Kevin Akindana also expressed that working at the IT help desk helps you to gain skills vital in everyday living. “It’s a learning experience.  It helps students to develop IT skills and also communication skills.”

The next floor houses the Mathematics department.  It consists of CCIT study roomseveral mathematics labs and study rooms.  Kurt Lemmert, a professor in the mathematics department, explains the department’s purpose in the building itself. “We teach people how to think clearly about mathematics and other topics that relate. We have classes every day and
office hours, special review sessions, tutors, and an evening lab that’s always open.”  He reveals that sometimes it’s frustrating to work in the department because the students don’t always give their best.  “It ranges from highly rewarding to highly frustrating, because of students either living up to their potential or not even trying.”  Ultimately, Kurt Lemmert believes the department brings something different to the building.  “They need us somewhere,” He says.  “I think we’re an integral part of the education.”

The third floor is dedicated to the Mass Communications/Communication studies department. It features a brand new production and TV studio, as well as several labs catered to mass communications.  David Stern is a communication studies professor in the department. “Communication studies contributes to student’s confidence as speakers and communicators,” he says,  “I’m new to working with the Mass Communications department so I can’t speak much on it. What I can say is that they have an awesome production studio.  The television station has contributed to campus as well as the city and its top of the line.”

Overall, the building is a step in the right direction in relation to giving students the most up to date experiences with technology.  The building continues to develop, and overtime, will continually provide students with the best learning experiences for every major and department on campus.

Pictures credited to Rachel Smith/The Bottom Line 

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