The Past: What We Try to Escape From

Memories of that Night

The knife pressed against your throat.

Unsaid words burn through my chest,

the shattered disarray of life or what was.

Oh brother, gone to the wind.

Left to sit, with the unholy cadavers of our past.

Juice drips from the wound, with the subtle hint of pain.

Maybe I will see him soon.


All for the sake of another daybreak.

Oh I wish this were a castle in the sky,

Away from life, Away from memories to searing to hold.

No one to care.

Just exist with the air.


A Baby?

The high pitch cry of hunger.

Arms stretched out waiting for the warm embrace.

Laughing at the stupid faces I make.

Eyes of clueless nature but also of wonder.

I reach out to hold him or maybe her.

I hadn’t figured out what you were.

I didn’t know you were going to be around,

So many thoughts through my head.

The things I would have showed you.

How to walk, talk, sing.


How to get back up again.

I miss you more each day.

How life would have been different.

Would I be in college? Where would I be is the question I ask?

No, what I really want to know, is would you be happy.

Me?! A father, a nice ring to it.

Holding a soft cushion, every night to sleep.

Nicknames and handshakes that would make the room quake.

How life would be different.

Alas, there were other plans for you, I couldn’t control.

The powers that be had different plans.

I can only do for your future siblings what I would have done for you.

Had you made it, I would have held you tight. No matter what.


The Circle We Can Never Escape From

We always learn but how new is it?

(There is a sphere in which

everyone has those that are close

to them, who help and teach)

-New to me and then to show you.


Again again?

Yes, again to make sure it is

done the right way

No such thing.

Maybe there is, again.

Again again again this is old

But at first it was new

New to me, old to you.

Exactly, so again.

If it is now old to me and you.

Then for you to teach a new.

Teach others

Passing knowledge, a key for those to consider.

young and foolish know nothing. The old and wise know the world

But what is it to be wise with no fool.

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