Thinking Out Loud

Heavy Mind

Heart smoldering in an oven

Life tossed to the background

Death sweet as marshmallows.



in the chair unwilling to cave.

What does it mean,

To fight for something.

Personal opinions don’t matter, the world doesn’t care.


You care, she cares, he cares

But do they.

You run from it,

I run to it like a dog off the leash.



We sit and reminisce

Because our lives were sour treats,

But sweet to the outside.




Darkness full of wonderful food,

I come to them as fear.

To the outside world I do not exist,

For them I am the bane of fright.




Has no meaning, given to help understand.

I am everywhere in your dreams, I make you run

All for the fun of watching you cower. The blood

Of maturity, the fire of death, or maybe the loss of a brother.




For your thought, how wise it is to stay away.

Am I not real enough for you, to him I was as real as any friend

He will find you, he is lurking. He’ll help you float

This is why I hate those dancing clowns.


Why We Do What We Do


This is not for the run of the mill,

I am king of all the hills.

Life is a circle, round we go but,

I try to stop. Why, because I don’t want to drop


Off like a last minute decision. I must keep winning

And grinning because life don’t make sense, but

Why must I pretend to be so glee when everyone is looking at



I ain’t smart like Rick, I ain’t scared like Morty

While homies pour out forty for the homie. I try to,

Survive in my mind. Surrounded by doubt and horror of failing.

Every single time

Like a maze I run, not like Chris Brown “Run It” but

Harriet leading to freedom.

Freedom to see, hear, to speak my mind because in time,

I will lose my voice.


What makes me so distinguished from you and they,

We can all say is unique to me, not just me but you.

We live life, not to be caged like Tweety or to look needy.

Naw we live to show I made it, not because they said I couldn’t but because


I did what they wouldn’t.

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