UPC and Late at Lane merger: Effects on the semester

 Fall 2015 is the semester of trying new things for Frostburg State University’s University Programming Council.  UPC and Late at Lane will be merging under the supervision of Robert “Coop” Cooper, Director of Student Activities and Greek Life. Many wonder if the merger has anything to do with the departure of Amy Fynes who stood as the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Coop says if she was still here, the merger would have still occurred, and she would have been hands on with the programming side.

Even though the two have “merged,” not much will change. The funding and event planning will remain separate. According to Robert Cooper, the two will help each other when need. As far as events go, there will not be as much need for volunteers because the staff will interchange if needed. At the first Late at Lane of this semester, UPC members Courtney Young and Jasmine Branch worked the prize table. Both organizations market each other at their own events as well.

In the future, marketing is a practice will that will be handled differently. More and more advertising will be done by word of mouth to get people talking to each other. This method will allow students to advocate for an event. Students are more than likely going to their peers.

Late at Lane will not shrink. The only change to Late at Lane is that the administration has not incorporated any dances. If parties are integrated into Late at Lane, they will have to fit the theme.

“It’s all about trying to bring new things… Entertainment is for everybody” said Robert Cooper when asked how UPC and Late at Lane will adapt to the high number of minority students in the freshman class of 2015.  A topic that has been coming up in conversation frequently. Students have to begin stepping out of the box and doing things that are not stereotypical of themselves. “UPC and Late at Lane host events for everyone, at least come out and try it, and if you don’t like it, at least you can say you tried it.”

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