Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day as a college student can be one of the highlights of spring semester – or not. Whether you’re celebrating with a boyfriend or girlfriend or celebrating  being single, Valentine’s Day can get very expensive. Make the most out of the day by enjoying yourself, enjoying the day, and if applicable enjoying time with a significant other, while not breaking your already-broken pockets.

Here are some ways to spend quality time and show your valentine that you’re not made of money, but love.

For the singles:

  1. Have a “you” day

That pedicure you have been wanting or massage is now calling your name. Take advantage of sites like Groupon and Living Social that offer the best sales and deals around holidays. Even though the packages may be for couples, us them as an open opportunity to treat yourself.

Average Cost: $20-$50

  1. Make a date night with your favorite ice cream and Netflix series

This may seem like a cliché way for a single to spend v-day, but sometimes a Grey’s Anatomy marathon may be way more appealing than hanging with big group of friends.

Average cost: No more than $5-$10

  1. Volunteer

Although when we think of Valentine’s Day we think of love in relationships, Valentine’s Day can also be about love in the community. What better way to spread love than by volunteering at your local animal shelter or retirement home? This will leave more connected with your community and feeling great by giving back!

Average cost: A few hours out of your day

  1. Throw a singles party

As crazy as it may seem, you’re actually not the only single person on campus. There are a thousand people looking to make the same plans as you. Grab some snacks and refreshments and invite some single friends over for a fun night. Play games, watch movies, and enjoy each other’s company. For those who don’t want to be alone, this is a perfect way to mingle and surround yourself with good vibes.

Average cost: $10-$40

For the Couples:

  1. Find a free event on campus

More than likely there will be something going on on campus. A free concert, movie showing, or even a dinner at the café. Check your school events schedule and see what you could attend. Follow up with a walk around campus under the stars.

Average cost: Free

  1. At home dinner and movie

Staying in and making your own meal is almost always cheaper than going out. Especially on Valentine’s when all the special prices are sky high. Challenge your date by cooking a new dessert or dinner and have fun. Clean the dishes together and snuggle with some popcorn and your favorite movie.

Average cost: $20-$30

  1. Create a scavenger hunt

Valentine’s Day isn’t about roses, chocolate, and diamonds when you’re a college student. It’s the thought that counts. This can be done in a dorm or in a house. Make your Valentine’s Day more personal with this idea. Create cards displaying your first date, memories together, etc. Have the hunt lead them to a gift card to their favorite place, a homemade gift, or a heartfelt card. The smallest gestures go the longest way.

Average cost: $10-$40

  1. Indulge in nature

Go for a bike ride or a hike! Pack a picnic basket and set on your course! Nature walks are a good time to communicate with your partner as well as your surroundings.

Average Cost: $10

Whether single or in a relationship, you now have plenty of inexpensive ways to spend this February 14th! Happy (Anti) Valentines Day!

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