What is a Virtuous Woman to You?

Frostburg’s National Council of Negro Women held a forum on Thursday night at 7:00 pm. The forum was called Virtuous Woman, lead by Vice President of programming Tierra Bryant. The forum starts out with President of NCNW, Saleah Richardson beginning the meeting with upcoming and recent events. A PowerPoint presentation guided the forum throughout.

The first slide reads, What does a virtuous mean to you? This then led into the discussion of Kim Kardashian v. Solange Knowles, who’s more virtuous?

“Kim has a reputation of showing her body”

“Kim’s one of the most influential women in a magazine”

“I don’t think Kim is virtuous, the way I was raised was not to sell your body but your mind.”

“I don’t respect her, Solange is a more positive figure.”

“Solange’s moment of negativity was when she was young and had a child, now she has settled down and is not in the public eye. The elevator incident is the only thing…its all how you choose to handle yourself.”

These were some of the quotes said by some of the women that attended the forum. The discussion then moved into the topic of what these women considered qualities of a virtuous woman to be?

“Very confident, beautiful in and out, willing to grow, and someone who understands their problems and addresses them.”

One male who attended the event commented saying a quality of a virtuous woman is a woman who “keeps her business to herself.” There were segments of video’s that were shown to help explain different features of virtuosity. Benefits of being a virtuous woman? Benefits are that these women are always well respected by men and women; they are happy.

When asked the question of what are some of the negatives of being a virtuous woman, the audience all seemed to have something to add. “There’s always somebody trying to tear them down…something they see in you that they want themselves.”

Richardson chimed in by saying “Its our job to bring them people close to us, unite together, and uplift them.”

Do you think you’re a virtuous woman? “I’m not where I want to be. I have goals.” – Richardson

Jimi said, “You all are virtuous for being here.”

Another member added, “I’m not there yet. I do have morals and standards. I just think I could be better, so I’m not there yet….I’m in training.”

Tierra added, “people can still have morals and be themselves.”

The essence of your femininity should always be to be able to express ourselves. Having power over your emotions from the people in the room means to, be ourselves and not do things for men’s likings. Knowing how to handle yourself in controlling relationships was also mentioned. Being sensual and taking charge of your own sensuality was defined as, embracing sexuality. “There are no needs to hide it.”

Tips to always remember: be true to yourself, radiate confidence, have self-respect, be a positive person, and to surround yourself with people who uplift and influence you.

A challenge was set for all members in the room by the end of the forum. Everyone had to agree to give a compliment to someone, not to judge people, complete random acts of kindness, and to minimize negativity.

Closing the forum, everyone said something they could do to improve as a woman and a person. President Richardson closed with a prayer, and virtuous women everywhere in the room exited.

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