You’ll Float Too: Stephen King’s IT

Stephen King’s IT is currently retaining its number one spot in the box office, earning about $60 million just in the opening weekend. Despite the mixed opinions about the 1990 version versus the 2017 version, it can be said that this year’s version is a big hit in the horror industry. IT is based on Stephen King’s novel, where in the town of Derry, kids and adults just disappear. No one even questions these disappearances until Bill’s younger brother Georgie goes missing. Bill and his group of friends, nicknamed the “Losers Club,” set out to find Georgie. The hunt for Georgie leads the group to Pennywise, the clown that’s been terrifying the town for decades. Facing their biggest fears, they face off with each other in the darkness of the sewers. 

IT takes a new twist on the original screenplay. Pennywise has a completely new look; this new look has the twist on terror, looking like something that would be in your nightmares, compared to the old Pennywise, who looked comedic instead of scary. The 2017 version also doesn’t jump from the group’s adolescence and adulthood years, as the book and 1990 version, but sticks between the years of 1988-89.

No matter your stance on which version is better, the new version is a success. It is likely that the creators expected this, as the closing credits suggest that this isn’t the last time fans will be seeing Pennywise.

IT is currently being played in theaters.

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