Former Kappa Sigma Member from University of Maryland, College Park Sparks Controversy by Allegedly Sending Offensive Email

WARNING – This article contains vulgar language that may be offensive to some readers.

Just days after two members of Oklahoma University’s SAE chapter were expelled from school, the University of Maryland College Park (UMD) began an investigation regarding a disturbing email allegedly authored by a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity UMD chapter.

The alleged email contains numerous profane racial slurs, misogyny, and it even promotes raping women. Twenty-two year old Albert Jacobs “AJ” Hurwitz from Gaithersburg, Maryland, is the student being accused of writing this email that he addressed to several of his fellow Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers 15 months ago.

Please note that Frostburg State University does not have a Kappa Sigma chapter.

UMD President Wallace Loh provided this statement on the University website:

“On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, the University of Maryland became aware of an email dated January 2014, 15 months ago. The vulgar language in the email expresses views that are reprehensible to our campus community. We immediately met with the individual involved and a University investigation is currently underway, led by the Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct. We are in contact with the University chapter of Kappa Sigma and they have taken swift and decisive action in this matter. At their request, the University has committed to provide educational training on diversity and respect for the entire fraternity. The University of Maryland remains committed to our core values of respect for human dignity, diversity, and inclusiveness. We are deeply saddened by the impact of this email is having on our community.”

Here is the alleged email that has been circulating through social media:


It reads: “Regardless of the rush shit let’s get ratchet as fuck during rush week. My dick will be sucked and fucked in compound basement whether you guys like it or not. Don’t invite any nigger gals or curry monsters or slanted eye chinks, unless they’re hot. Ziggy you’re girl can come she’s cool. Remember my niggas, erect, assert, and insert, and above all else, fuck consent. [No] dicks untouched.

AJ Hurwitz

University of Maryland, College Park.”

According to the statement provided on the Kappa Sigma fraternity website:

“Upon learning of the email, the individual was immediately suspended, pending an investigation. The individual subsequently submitted a letter of resignation from Kappa Sigma. The undergraduate chapter at the University of Maryland is also presently engaging in proceedings to formally expel the individual from Kappa Sigma.”

The email has resulted in a public outcry on twitter, one user even revealed the actual address of the Hurwitz family home in Gaithersburg:



“@VICgotemBouncin: Albert Jacob Hurwitz [address omitted] #ajhurwitz”

Another twitter user posted this:


“All us Muslims who will be at CP Saturday..let’s go find AJ Hurwitz”

Another, this:


“Said it once and I’ll say it again. AJ Hurwitz does not represent what Terps are about. We accept everyone no matter what their identity is.”

Many people who know Hurwitz personally came to his defense, including former UMD varsity football player and Quince Orchard alumni, Alex Twine, an African-American. Twine, a Gaithersburg native, is a senior education and American Studies major at UMD. “I’ve known AJ Hurwitz for years,” Twine told The Bottom Line. “He’s never been a bad person or racist. He’s an idiot for that email, and I don’t know why he would ever say something like that. The email was very wrong and there should be consequences, but let’s not ruin his life. He is not the only person that has ever sent something like that; he’s just one of them that have been exposed.”

Another was Corday Thomas, also an African-American friend of AJ. Thomas, like Twine, graduated in the same 2011 class as Hurwitz. He said, “I think it [the email] was taken out of context, but it is just unacceptable to say things like that. I’m not so much offended as I am disappointed and embarrassed for him. Racism is never okay, and you should never refer to women like that.”

Thomas also acknowledged Hurwitz for an act of generosity in the past, “Freshmen year of college, when my family moved to New York, I had no place to stay for spring break. He let me stay with him, fed me, hooked me up; I’ve chilled with him countless times, and I know he’s not a racist. However, he has to learn from his mistakes.”

Margo Kresse, a female friend of Hurwitz and Quince Orchard graduate, also advocated for his true character by saying, “I am shocked and saddened. This email in no way represents AJ or the University of Maryland. AJ has always been a great, respectable and intelligent friend. Anyone who actually knows AJ knows that he never meant for anyone to get hurt by the words said in the email, and definitely did not mean any of it seriously. It is not funny to joke about racism or rape, but AJ is simply not the man portrayed in the email.”

Robert Cooper, the Director of Greek Life at Frostburg State University provided The Bottom Line with this statement: “This is yet another unfortunate and disturbing incident that surrounds racisms involving student in Greek organizations. Hopefully, all these situations are all being addressed by these institutions, as well as by the national organization.”

Hurwitz has been contacted by The Bottom Line, but he has not released a statement at present time.

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