Bill’s Grub Hub

In the alley behind 131 Bowery Street on Oak Street lies a place that is considered by some to be a hidden gem eatery. It is a humble looking shack on a gravel driveway; it is called Bill’s Grub Hub. Bill’s Grub Hub is place for students to eat. Bill Spencer single-handedly owns and operates Bill’s Grub Hub. Spencer has been the single-man show at Grub Hub for almost nine years now, since opening in 2008. Spencer says he first opened Grub Hub because, “I wanted to help you guys (the students), get reasonably priced food that tastes good.”

Bill’s Grub Hub is open Monday through Friday until 10 p.m. He has a breakfast menu with coffee, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, Danishes, and Cinnabuns. He also has a vast lunch menu with various subs including buffalo chicken, pulled pork, Italian chicken, chicken parmesan, and meatball subs. All his meatball subs are made on fresh rolls from Lorenzo’s Frostburg Bakery on 10 S. Main Street. Spencer also says that all produce used at Grub Hub is fresh as well. He thinks that his use of fresh ingredients is the what makes his food so tasty. Grub Hub also pays the taxes on food to help keep prices down for students.

Spencer also offers a meal plan arrangement for students. Students can come in and start any amount of credit they would like if they bring in cash or check, and Spencer will give them a store credit for that amount. At the end of the semester, any amount not spent at Grub Hub is refunded to them. With $300 a student could roughly purchase forty hot sub combo meals at Grub Hub. A combo at Grub costs $7 and includes a 9-inch sub, a bag of chips, and a drink. Spencer also has a large selection of chips and drinks. On cold days, he even offers free hot chocolate, as well as free Twizzler’s candy to his patrons.

Grub Hub makes food to go and also has an area for guests to sit down and enjoy their meal. The smell of fresh food and sound of classic rock surrounds the room as guests enjoy a nice bite of fresh grub.

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